Review: “Specimen 313” by Jeff Strand (2011)

Although I tend to read a lot in all genres, but especially horror, somehow I had never read anything by Jeff Strand. I got looking for some stories by him and found this one for a reasonable price, so I picked it up. I wasn’t disappointed.

This story is about carnivorous plants, told from the perspective of Max, one of the plants. Think “Little Shop of Horrors”, but as told by Audrey, the plant. 🙂 The plants are tended by a mad scientist, one bent on creating the perfect man-eating plant. He provides the plants with food, in the form of unwitting humans, and the plants thrive.

Max is soon joined by Jenny, a more advanced plant who can swallow a man in just a couple bites. She’s like a Venus Fly Trap on steroids. Anyway, they seem to go along well, but soon Max starts getting sick, and the story really picks up.

It has a nice twist at the end, one I didn’t completely see coming, so that’s always a good thing. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. For a story about man-eating plants, it’s not terribly graphic or violent, not that I’m opposed to it. If you like a short read telling a familiar story from a different point of view, definitely check this out. I got it on Amazon, but I’m sure it’s available many places.

Rating: Five Stars (Out of a possible five)

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