New Short Story Published!

Interestingly enough, I actually had written up this post back when this book was released, but for whatever reason, I never pushed “Publish” to send it out into the world. Oh well, as My Gorgeous Bride, Carrie, will tell you, I am nothing if not absent-minded. 🙂

There’s a wonderful new book out, “Fill The Void,” which is a single story told via a collaboration by sixteen authors. It’s a magnificent, Armageddon story, and I’m honored to be part of it.

I admit, when I was accepted to submit a chapter of this book, I was curious how cohesive the story would be since it’s told with such a variety of styles. But, while each telling is laid out in a different way, it does indeed make sense as you read through the book.

I must admit, much of the fun of this collaboration was getting to know the other authors and the banter back and forth as we anxiously waited for a chapter to be completed and submitted so the next could be worked on. It took a bit to pull it all together, but I really love the way it came out.

So check it out! You can get it on Kindle, paperback, or hardback through Amazon (affiliate link) or via various eBook formats at Godless.

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