“Sting of Hope” Gains Dual Citizenship

Back in 2019 when I first self-published “Sting of Hope,” it was primarily to help me navigate the world of self-publishing via Kindle Direct. While I’m happy to work with an established publisher, I also am willing to do it all myself if necessary, and that short story served as a good way to dip my toes into the surf to see what all self-publishing entailed.

At the time, I made “Sting of Hope” exclusive to Amazon, meaning it was available for the Kindle Unlimited program. While I have gotten some page reads via that program, far and away the majority of my income has come from sales of the book. With that in mind, I have stewed for some time about making “Sting of Hope” available somewhere in addition to Amazon.

Then along came Drew Stepek and Godless. This is a website dedicated to horror and nothing but horror. So not only are there some amazing finds there, as an author, I don’t have to worry about “Sting of Hope,” which is essentially a body horror story, being buried under all the books marketed as horror simply because they have someone shagging a vampire or werewolf. Or both. Easier to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, so to speak.

So, after talking to Drew for a while, he was gracious enough to let me list “Sting of Hope” at Godless, where it’s available for download in various eBook formats. I still have the story available on Amazon (affiliate link), but it’s no longer exclusive to that platform.

Check it out at either location and let me know what you think of the story!

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