“Sting of Hope” Gains Dual Citizenship

Back in 2019 when I first self-published “Sting of Hope,” it was primarily to help me navigate the world of self-publishing via Kindle Direct. While I’m happy to work with an established publisher, I also am willing to do it all myself if necessary, and that short story served as a good way to dip […]

New Short Story Published!

Interestingly enough, I actually had written up this post back when this book was released, but for whatever reason, I never pushed “Publish” to send it out into the world. Oh well, as My Gorgeous Bride, Carrie, will tell you, I am nothing if not absent-minded. 🙂 There’s a wonderful new book out, “Fill The […]

Review: “Pieces & Parts” by Dawn Hosmer (2021)

I read “Bits & Pieces” by Dawn Hosmer when it first came out and found it to be very creative with a driving plot that kept you reading, stringing you along with just the right amount of tension. So when I saw she had a second book in the series available, I jumped at the […]

Review: “Love Life” by Matt Shaw (2011)

Matt Shaw is well known in the publishing world for his extreme horror, which doesn’t bother me in the least, so when I was able to find this available on Kindle Unlimited, I went ahead and grabbed it. I wanted to get a sense for what people have been talking about since, for whatever reason, […]