New Short Story Published!

A brand new anthology of dark fantasy/horror western short stories has been published, titled “Six Guns Straight From Hell 3,” and I am honored to have a story included in it! This story is one of my favorites, and I’m glad it found a home.

It’s a cautionary tale about making sure, when visiting a brothel, you treat the working girls there appropriately. Because, if you don’t—well, you’ll just need to read the story. 🙂

I really wasn’t terribly familiar with weird/horror western stories, although I definitely knew they were out there. So when I decided to work on a story for this anthology, I tried to take a different tack, believing that vampires, ghosts, werewolves, etc., had been overdone. I’m hoping my novel approach to the story is one of the reasons the editors chose to accept my story.

Oh and make no mistake about it, there are many other amazing stories in this collection too! You will probably like some of them even more than mine, which is just fine with me. There are some very talented writers on-board with this anthology, and it shows.

So check it out! You can get it in Kindle or paperback format through Amazon (affiliate link), and maybe through other sources too.

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