Call for Submissions for a Horror Anthology!

“Dismember the Coop” is a charity horror anthology of stories inspired by the music of Alice Cooper, both the group and solo. The proceeds from sales go to support the Solid Rock Teen Centers, an organization setup by Alice and Sheryl Cooper that benefits the disadvantaged youth in the Phoenix area. To learn more about it, go here:

Note that although this is a charity anthology, authors and artists will be paid. I don’t like giving my work away for free, and I suspect most other professionals don’t either. Submission guidelines: Stories should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words with payment being at $25 USD, plus an e-book or paperback copy, your choice. Payment will be upon acceptance, with distribution of books following publication. I don’t really care about the format, font, etc., since I’m a geek and a lot of that will be sorted out in the editing process, but just be consistent, eh? đŸ™‚

No explicit sexual content just for the sake of having it. No racism, hatred toward marginalized groups, animal cruelty, or violence just for violence’s sake. No reprints. Multiple submissions are fine, but only one story per author will be chosen. Simultaneous submissions are also fine, but if your story is chosen elsewhere, please let us know so we can remove it from consideration.

Some notes about the stories:

You can base your stories on song titles.

You can base it on characters referenced during a song.

*** You CANNOT quote lyrics in your story. *** Doing so creates so many copyright headaches it’s not even funny, and this will cause your story to be rejected outright, regardless of quality.

Alice has a huge catalog of songs to choose from, going back over 40 years. Try to be creative and go deep catalog. If you submit a story based on “School’s Out” or “Welcome To My Nightmare,” you might be among a bunch of others who did the same, and I want variety. So that might make your story less likely to make the cut.

Also, while Alice has been in many non-musical projects from movies to “The Muppet Show” to “Hollywood Squares” to commercials and so many other things, this anthology is focusing on his music, from the Alice Cooper Group to his solo work to Hollywood Vampires. That’s a broad enough base to select from, we don’t need to extend it to his other works.

Stories should be submitted to Please include at the top of your story your name, email address, approximate word count, and the song that was your inspiration.

Submissions will be open from July 1 through August 31, 2022. Publication TBD.

Let’s see what y’all got!

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