“Dismember The Coop” Going Live February 15, 2024!

Well, it’s taken a while for various reasons, but “Dismember The Coop,” the charity horror anthology benefitting Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers has a publication date! It’s been set for February 15, 2024.

This is a collection of 15 amazing stories, all inspired by the music of Alice Cooper. This includes not just his solo work, but his work with the original Alice Cooper group and even Hollywood Vampires, his band with Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Johnny Depp.

As mentioned, this anthology benefits the Solid Rock Teen Centers in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. This is an outstanding organization who does so much for the youth of their communities. I love how much the Coopers, and those like-minded folks in the Teen Centers, give back to and make a difference in their area.

The anthology is available in print in both regular paperback and large print, and on Amazon, it will be available on Kindle and will be part of the Kindle Unlimited program. But if Amazon isn’t your jam, no worries, the print copies are available through Barnes & Noble and other online resellers. Plus, you can have your local bookstore order a copy if you want.

Here are some links should you want to pre-order the book before February 15, or just purchase it outright after the release date:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (Canada)
Amazon (UK)
Amazon (Australia)
Barnes & Noble

Check it out!

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