In addition to writing, I also provide editing services. This can mean anything from simple grammar, spelling, and correct word usage checks to complete developmental analysis and recommendations regarding structure, plot, character development, etc. My goal is to put myself out of work in this area by empowering authors to produce better works on their own. The more in-depth services provide coaching in that area too, helping you become a more polished and confident producer of word art.

Below are references from professionals I have assisted, getting them closer to their goals and dreams.

  • Marsha Lane Foster – Marsha is an incredible artist who utilizes photography as her medium. While she also does head shots and other business photography, Marsha has made her biggest impact via projects promoting the empowerment of women. Marsha had this to say about the work I have done for her:

    “Bert is my go-to for editing my writing, whether for use on my website, in my fine art, or when I publish books. His discerning eye gives me confidence that I’m expressing my thoughts effectively. I highly recommend Bert for all your editing needs.”
  • Elizabeth Gibbs – She is an up-and-coming author with great stories to tell. I was honored to be asked to edit her first novel, “Storm Over West Lake.” Check out her book, you’ll love it! She had this to say about my work on her novel:

    “Bert provided invaluable recommendations while reading through my book. He caught small and large details that I had simply missed, and he even found a name I had accidentally changed. These are the things that it’s hard to see when you’re very close to a project. Having someone else read and find these mistakes before publishing is a must for any good book. I highly recommend his services for all your editing needs.”