Some pages I frequent, whether they be in my best interest or not.

  • Horror Writers Association – I’m a proud member of the Horror Writers Association and love the way we support each other.
  • Amazon – Yeah, I’m a Prime Addict. I admit it. But hey, while you’re there, check out their Smile program, and they will donate to the charity of your choice a portion of sales from many items you’d buy anyway.
  • Wonderdraft – In my opinion, the best map design program available. I’ve used it extensively when designing fantasy worlds, and I highly recommend it.
  • Dungeondraft – By the same makers of Wonderdraft, as mentioned above, comes a great program for designing dungeons. No, I’m not paid by Megasploot to refer folks to them. I just love their products.
  • AbeBooks – One of my favorite sites for grabbing used books at a great price.