“Dismember The Coop” Going Live February 15, 2024!

Well, it’s taken a while for various reasons, but “Dismember The Coop,” the charity horror anthology benefitting Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Centers has a publication date! It’s been set for February 15, 2024. This is a collection of 15 amazing stories, all inspired by the music of Alice Cooper. This includes not […]

Call for Submissions for a Horror Anthology!

“Dismember the Coop” is a charity horror anthology of stories inspired by the music of Alice Cooper, both the group and solo. The proceeds from sales go to support the Solid Rock Teen Centers, an organization setup by Alice and Sheryl Cooper that benefits the disadvantaged youth in the Phoenix area. To learn more about […]

“Sting of Hope” Gains Dual Citizenship

Back in 2019 when I first self-published “Sting of Hope,” it was primarily to help me navigate the world of self-publishing via Kindle Direct. While I’m happy to work with an established publisher, I also am willing to do it all myself if necessary, and that short story served as a good way to dip […]

New Short Story Published!

Interestingly enough, I actually had written up this post back when this book was released, but for whatever reason, I never pushed “Publish” to send it out into the world. Oh well, as My Gorgeous Bride, Carrie, will tell you, I am nothing if not absent-minded. 🙂 There’s a wonderful new book out, “Fill The […]

Review: “Pieces & Parts” by Dawn Hosmer (2021)

I read “Bits & Pieces” by Dawn Hosmer when it first came out and found it to be very creative with a driving plot that kept you reading, stringing you along with just the right amount of tension. So when I saw she had a second book in the series available, I jumped at the […]